This website is an independant source for KRACH and hockey stats with no affilation to the leagues in which they are sharing information for. We wanted to create a source to help validate and check ratings compared to the offical ratings published by the various leagues.

The AHF, AGHF and THF all use a KRACH rating system to rank teams. This is due to teams playing an unbalanced schedule. Additionally, teams do not play all the teams in their respective division. Further more, teams that play a more difficult schedule would be punished in the standings based on points.

The AHF offers 2 season structures, full season and partial season. Teams in an age division/classification will not play an equal number of games. Using KRACH rather than points earned will balance this so teams playing fewer games are fairly measured within their division.


KRACH is a team’s won/loss ratio multiplied by strength of schedule

DISCLAIMER: KRACH Ratings will fluctuate greatly early in the season. Some of the extreme numbers SHOULD normalize as the season progresses.

This tool was written to reproduce the KRACH rankings as provided by the AHF (Atlantic Hockey Federation), AGHF (Atlantic Girls Hockey Federation) and the THF (Tier 1 Hockey Federation).

For information on KRACH itself, see the KRACH Overview.

For information on the AHFs usage of KRACH, see the AHF Overview.